Brian’s Beat October 2023

Here we are, at the start of a new season filled with arts and culture. As October unfolds with its bountiful harvests, Sarasota County is filled with a wide variety of meaningful cultural experiences.

As I reflect upon my first 100 days, I have had the privilege of meeting with talented individual artists, dedicated producing organizations, and engaged community members representing a myriad of fields. The table has now been set for a pathway of action and growth. 

Throughout these conversations, a couple key themes have resonated profoundly: 

Sarasota County’s Pride in Artistic Excellence: It is clear that our community takes immense pride in the quality of our arts and culture. This energy is represented in our vibrant cultural scene and the collective passion of cultural organizations and individual artists.

Our Community’s Drive to be Florida’s Premier Arts and Culture Destination: Sarasota County strives to be the cultural gem of the Sunshine State and also a premier destination for arts and culture across the nation and beyond. Our vision at the Alliance is to solidify Sarasota County as “Florida’s Cultural Coast,” a place where the arts flourish.

Next week, on October 12th, we eagerly anticipate our event Sarasota County: An Arts Powered Economy where we will release the findings from the AEP6 study conducted by American for the Arts. The report sheds light on the invaluable role that the arts play in our local economy, reaffirming the importance of the arts in the financial fabric of Sarasota County. 

As the Local Arts Agency (LAA) for Sarasota County, the Arts Alliance embraces its role as the arts leader for Florida’s Cultural Coast. This is highlighted annually with the release of Arts & Culture: A Guide to Florida’s Cultural Coast. Serving as an informational, but also inspirational resource for the 2023 – 2024 season, this guide is paid for in part by Sarasota County Tourist Development Tax Revenues. 

In the coming months, you will undoubtedly notice a transformation in the services we offer. As we redefine our role, our services will be rooted in three main areas of focus: to lead as an advocate for the arts economic impact throughout the Cultural Coast, to promote health and wellness initiatives through the arts and for our local artists, and to advance arts education in our schools and greater accessibility to arts and culture.

As we springboard into this new season, I am excited to introduce a new ensemble at the Alliance. Our team is coming together harmoniously to bring collaborative efforts to life. We are committed to championing the arts and cultivating an environment where creativity and artistic exploration thrives.

Thank you for your unwavering support, your love for the arts, and your dedication to making Florida’s Cultural Coast the ultimate destination for arts and culture. 

Together, we will create a future filled with boundless creativity and artistic brilliance!

Best regards,

Brian Hersh, CEO

Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County