CALL FOR ACTORS: Auditions for Original Production Make Thee An Ark

Make Thee An Ark is an original production funded by the John Ringling Towers Fund granted by the Sarasota Cultural Alliance. In the not-so-far future on an Ark floating above an undersea Florida, two sisters tell stories of the past erased by climate catastrophe. Elsewhere on the ship, the Pastor, the community leader of the Ark, prepares their people for an oncoming storm.

We are seeking one Sarasota actor to play the part of the Pastor. Actors of color and LGBTQIA2 identities are strongly encouraged to apply.

The position is paid. The performance will be on the second and third weekends of April at Historic Spanish Point. Please contact me if you are interested in the role, and we can discuss auditions.

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Organization Name Ceciro Performance & Practice
Organization Contact Name Rachel Ceciro
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Organization Contact Phone Number (727) 3664483