Call to Artists: Mural Art for First 1,000 Days Sarasota County

First 1,000 Days Sarasota County ( is a community initiative to increase access to care for mothers, babies and families. The initiative is comprised of nearly 70 organizations dedicating to improving the health and well-being of children and families. To raise attention to the initiative and life-long importance of quality early childhood development, First 1,000 Days will commission three public murals. The murals will be in Sarasota, Venice and North Port.

Artists are invited to submit art work for consideration.
Mural requirements
 Murals will be between one-and-two stories tall.
 The chosen buildings will be stucco or block.
 A realistic variation of the First 1,000 Days logo (above) must accompany the art work in a visible and subtle manner.
 The building owner, artist and initiative all agree to the terms in the Mural Agreement.
 Artists must be Sarasota County residents, with consideration given to artists residing in the town where the art will be featured.

Artistic theme
The art work is intended to celebrate mothers, babies and families. The art work must reflect one or more of the caregiver practices proven to lead to quality childhood development. To learn more about these principles and the science behind them, visit
 Maximize love, and manage stress.
 Talk, sing, and point.
 Count, group, and compare.
 Explore through movement and play.
 Read and discuss stories.

Artists will be paid $20 per square foot, plus a negotiated stipend for supplies and equipment.

The deadline to submit art work is Friday, October 30. Art work will be chosen and commissioned in November/December.

Email submissions to Kelly Romanoff at
For questions, call (321.848.7533) or email Kelly.