Closed- Community Art Therapy Services Inc. call for art

Community Art Therapy Services Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organization, is pleased to issue a call for art on “using art to give form to a vision of unity.”

This is a call for artists working in all medias to submit work exemplifying how art can provide a common vision of hope and expectation.

Abstract and figurative interpretations welcome. After a tempestuous 2016 presidential election, many Americans, here within the United States and abroad, are struggling to put their feelings into words.

Art has the ability to provide an explanation beyond words, unite people, and create concord among communities. “UNITING THE STATES” is a call for art depicting images of people pulling together as a country through friendship, freedom, equality, and peace. The focus of this call is on how diverse groups of people can find connections and use diversity as an asset.

The purpose of this collaborative effort is to use the visual arts to unite and celebrate diversity. Your voice deserves to be heard and your vision of “greatness” and/or “goodness” deserves to be seen! We invite all artists to submit original artwork on the theme of unity. A dynamic, multicultural panel of jurors will select the art for the show.

Artists who participate and whose work is selected will be part of a live international online symposium. Individuals from anywhere in the world will be able to attend and participate in the online symposium. Artists will discuss their work and answer questions.


Deadline for Submissions: August 4th, 2017.

For additional information or if you have questions, please contact Community Art Therapy Services Inc. at

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