FantaSea Venice

The Venice Art center invites you to submit an application and proposal outlining your ideas and designs for the 2021-2023 “FantaSea” project. The deadline for submissions is 4pm, October 9, 2020.

Project Overview:
“FantaSea Venice” is a public arts project with all proceeds benefiting the Venice Art Center in support of our programs, the arts and tourism
for the community of Venice, Florida and our local artists. In partnership with “FantaSea Venice” sponsors, we will create unique designs for
25 fiberglass mermaids and 25 fiberglass seahorses.

These one-of-a-kind sculptures will be adorned by the most talented artists in our region. We will match sponsors to artists and a plaque will
be placed at the base of each sculpture to indicate the name of the sponsor, artist and the sculpture’s individual name. The sculptures will
appear in approved locations around Venice, Florida on city streets, parks, lobbies, businesses, etc. There will also be multiple public
activities, fundraisers and entertaining events associated with this project.

“FantaSea Venice” will be the third public art display of this nature that the Venice Art Center has produced. These events are modeled after
“Cows on Parade”, which occurred in Chicago in 1999. Hundreds of cities followed suit with similar campaigns and each experienced an
increase in tourism, individual business revenue and community participation.

The 2004-2005 “Pigs in Paradise” and the 2012-14 “Sea Venice” public arts projects were a large success and accomplished all of these
goals. The Venice Art Center will utilize this successful experience coupled with new and innovative ideas to make “FantaSea Venice”
a greater success.

Artists will be paid $700 to paint or otherwise embellish one fiberglass sculpture. (The sculptures remain the property of the Venice Art Center
and the Venice Art Center retains all rights to reproduction and images in the use of promotional materials.)

Sponsors will choose from a variety of ways to give. There are different levels of sponsorship starting at $2,500 to sponsor the placement of
an individual mermaid or seahorse. (The sculptures remain the property of the Venice Art Center until they are formally auctioned off.)

The Venice economy has been affected by the current unprecedented pandemic and these sculptures and events will bring out our residents
and visitors from all over Florida to our downtown to see this wonderful project.