Flying Solo Weekend a hit!

The SaraSolo Productions’ education outreach program hosted a mini festival in collaboration with Carrie Mills and her Booker Middle School theatre classroom. This was a pilot festival of works-in-progress of solo theatre development, spotlighting the schools and workshop classes facilitated through SaraSolo’s company. The presenters were from Booker Middle school headed by Carrie Mills, Oasis Middle school headed by Gabriel Ortiz, Booker High School junior class headed by Sunny D. Smith, Sarasota Cabaret Collaborative headed by Ann Morrison and featuring Buzz Herron and Ania Adderly, “Tonight We Write” women monologists headed by Anne Foley, Elder Voices (for our Silent and G.I generations), featuring Donna Gerdes, Harold Wolfe, and Martha Kesler and Flying Solo from the SaraSolo Betwixt and Between workshops headed by Blake Walton and  featuring Neil Cowan, Michele Young, Cal Berkey, and Dorian DeMichele.

This was a very successful weekend of solo theatre in development, with a goal of  a possible larger theatre venture. There were a lot of tears of joy and appreciation from audiences and artists alike! Both Carrie Mills of Booker Middle and Blake Walton and Ann Morrison of SaraSolo look forward to the future of this pre- festival before the SaraSolo main festival. This year the festival runs from 1/26 -2/3 with SaraSolo’s Flying Solo workshops between the two weekends. These workshops are geared for teens and adults.





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