Closed- Founder’s Walk Mural

CALL TO ARTISTS from Venice Area Beautification, Inc. (VABI): Founder’s Walk Mural: Work Media: Paints for a mural. Work Size: (wall size – 98×16). Entry Requirements: Samples of murals or fine art you have done.


1. Cover letter describing mural proposal.

2. Ten to twenty (05-10) digital images on CD/DVD/USB. Images should be presented in JPEG format with image size set to 300 dpi resolution, 4″ x 6″ image size, approximately.

3. Artist Resume including biography, educational background, and exhibition record.

Entries Due: June 2, 2017.

Description of Artwork: The Founder’s Walkway is located on Venice Avenue. The wall to be painted on is the side of the Green Parrot Shop. The image VABI is looking for an enchanted 3D garden and floral theme. A key component to this mural will be adding depth into this space. We want to feel as if the viewer can step into the mural and go enjoy the garden.

Venice Area Beautification Inc.,(VABI) has been a part of the area’s social beautification community since 1990. Today VABI operates within the City of Venice to beautify Venice through, art, landscape, personal funded projects, parks and trails, making Venice a beautiful place to live, work, and play!

This art project will benefit the citizens of the City of Venice and downtown Main Street. Mural Completion: December 31, 2017 or before.

Sales: Please break down your costs for supplies, time, price per sq. ft., and any other expenses with a total at the bottom. Please include if future touch-ups are included or the amount for it to be touched up once as needed.

Publicity: Covered by local newspapers and Venice Area Beautification Inc. with the City of Venice.

Reception: Founder’s Walkway (DBA Date).

Contact: Please email proposals to: VABI’s Office Manager at

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