Fun Facts About The Players

In celebration of 90 years of The Players Centre for Performing Arts, here are some fun facts throughout their history.

  • The theatre opened in 1929, in the midst of The Great Depression, with a series of one-act play.
  • 281 patrons each paid a $2 subscription fee for the first series.
  • The very first play was called “A Night at the Inn”.
  • The idea of the community theater came from a group of teachers (and the founder) of The Out of Door Academy.
  • In 1933 they produced a play called “In 1999” – unfortunately, they have not been able to find any information about the contents of the play.
  • The theatre’s first home was a building right where their sign is on 41 in their current parking lot. 
  • They moved into a pecky cypress building in 1936, it was torn down after the current building was built in 1974. 
  • The first musical on their current stage was KISMET!

Celebrate 90 Years of the Players Centre for Performing Arts with their 90th Anniversary Season!

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