Lido Beach Pavilion Murals

A community task force formed by the The Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County and Visit Sarasota County has been guiding the creation of a series of murals on the Lido Beach Pavilion to showcase the history and spirit of Lido Key. Local artist Tim Jaeger was selected to lead this project.

The first two murals will depict the Lido Casino and the car caravans for the Lido Beach wade-in protests. Multiple spaces and subjects have been identified for future murals at the Lido Beach Pavilion which will be completed in phases over several years. Painting of the first two murals were completed at the end of September 2020.

Original mural renderings by Tim Jaeger.

Car Caravans to Lido for the Wade-In Protest

Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Monday, October 3, 1955

During the 1950s and early 1960s less than 2 miles of Florida’s 2,000 miles of beaches were open to African Americans. Residents of Newtown formed peaceful wade-in protests to integrate beaches.
Learn more about the wade-ins from Newtown Alive.

Lido Casino
The Lido Casino was a Works Progress Administration project designed by renowned local architect, Ralph Twitchell. Opened in 1940, the Lido Casino included restaurants, a ballroom, shops, and a pool with high dive. It’s picturesque architecture and location made it the perfect spot for filming movies. The building was demolished in 1969.

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