Open House & Auditions at Booker High School

The Booker High School Visual & Performing Arts  Program will host an Open House for prospective students and their families from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday November 12, 2022 at the BHS campus, 3201 N.  Orange Ave. This event is free, and it is designed for 7th and 8th grade students and  their families to showcase the school’s programs. 

At the 2022 Visual and Performing Arts Open House, you’ll find the pulse of the arts  here at Booker High School where you can tour campus, meet faculty and students,  learn more about student opportunities, apply, and audition for a VPA program! 

Please arrive at 9am for an information session and tour of the facilities. 8th grade  students who have registered to audition will then be taken to the respective  departments, while parents will have an opportunity to get to know the comprehensive  resources that Booker High School has to offer, including the Cambridge AICE program  and our college and career support system. 

Sarasota County Schools is a “choice” district in which families can opt to enroll in  schools outside of their address boundary. 

“It is vital to see what our programs have to offer in order to make an informed choice  about which high school to attend,” said Booker High School Principal Dr. Rachel  Shelley. “The decision is a pivotal one that should put students on a path to a  successful future.”  

Booker VPA is a pre-professional magnet arts program that has been the starting point  for such careers as Academy-award winning makeup artist Bill Corso, Broadway  performer Syesha Mercado, and television actors Jeff Meacham, Charlie Barnett, and  Olli Haaskivi, among many successful working professional artists from all disciplines.  

Admission into the program is open to all, but an adjudicated audition is required. Open House information, audition requirements, and application details are available on  the Booker VPA website: 

To register for an audition or get more information about the Open House, please  contact: or 941-355-2967 ext. 65211.