Paint Sarasota with Love

Meet the artists that are Painting Sarasota with Love.

NameSimoné Corbert
Mural LocationWestcoast Black Theatre, 1012 North Orange, Sarasota
Website/Social Media,
Where were you born/raised? Sarasota, Florida
How would you describe your artistic style?My art style sometimes varies from piece to piece but is usually semi-realistic with exaggerated features like big lips or ears. 
What is your artistic mission (what do you want to accomplish with your art)?I want my art to celebrate women’s beauty and encourage them to love and embrace their differences and hope that one day I can inspire someone to follow their own dreams & keep going until they achieve them.
Who are the artists that most inspire you?My aunt Victoria Thomas was a big inspiration for me growing up. Seeing her art made me work harder to produce art that I was proud of and to continuously grow in my passion.
Why is this mural project important to you?Throughout history, the arts have been able to unite people of different backgrounds and bring them together. The Paint Sarasota With Love project shares a message of hope, love, and unity that can foster positive change and a willingness to find strength in our differences and solidarity in our similarities, as has been done before through the arts.
NameDanielle Dygert
Mural Location1542 Fruitville Road, Sarasota
Website or Social Media
Instagram @american_mythos
Where were you born/raised? If you were not born in Sarasota, how long have you lived here?Danielle, a Sarasota native, earned a BA from New College of Florida in 2016. While continuing her studio practice, she remained in Sarasota to become an active member of the visual arts community.
How would you describe your artistic style?Within large-scale oil paintings I depict the physical manifestation of persona; by unraveling my own shifting personas, I explore sexuality, independence and self-worth.

My paintings mix traditional portrait and landscape compositions with new-age color palettes inspired by the technological revolution.
What is your artistic mission (what do you want to accomplish with your art)?My work begins a discussion between mythology and portraiture as a means to challenge identity through persona. This exploration happens within phantasmagoric landscapes that pull viewers out of reality into a new sense of place.

Following this mural, I will begin a new project, American Mythos, which aims to document the disconnect between the stories we tell and the realities we face. A 5’x90′ oil painting will reflect and document our current National consciousness, portraying how Americans have traditionally relied on fables to describe heroism, infamy and success, while avoiding true depictions of what it means to be morally responsible individuals.

This body of work explores how these narratives have done little to help new challenges. We pass laws to end racial discrimination, yet lack the resolve to create a more equitable society. We welcome the idea of pluralism of religion and values, yet we are still grappling with ethical immigration. We champion prosperity for all, but live in a county where families are still homeless. We remain the only first world country without universal healthcare, even in the midst of a national pandemic. We want to grow a better future for the next generation, but have yet to take action towards fighting the global climate and agricultural crisis.

With information and misinformation being shared online globally, the American consciousness combats tradition, behavioral patterns and governmental policies that undermine freedom and justice for all.

Danielle Dygert, will be traveling through 12 National Forests to create a 5’x90’ oil painting. The work will be influenced by interactions in the following major cities (not limited to) Seattle, Portland, Las Angeles, San Francisco, Zion, Denver, Boulder, Santa Fe, Austin, New Orleans, Chicago, Boston, New York, Washington D.C., Richmond, Charlotte, Atlanta, Savannah, Jacksonville, Tampa.

The final project will be displayed at Spacces Gallery in Sarasota, FL in April 2021.
Who are the artists that most inspire you?Currently, my work is influenced by Lina Iris Viktor, Aleah Chapin, Jenny Morgan, Barkley Hendricks, Dorothea Lange, Marina Abramović, Kehinde Wiley and André Derain.
Why is this mural project important to you?I am so grateful to offer a new sense of place within Sarasota. This mural is my love note to the city, it describes how myself and my six sisters spent years playing in the banyan trees at The Ringling, developing stories of tree-people and other worlds. This painting is a psychogeographic reflection of my life in Sarasota and I hope many others see it as a reminder to explore their own reality and identity.

About the Paint Sarasota with Love Project

The City of Sarasota was founded on a legacy of art and during times of uncertainty we continue to turn to the arts for comfort and hope. Recently, we experienced the power of art with the success of the Sarasota Heroes mural at 1717 Second Street and its statement of gratitude during the COVID-19 crisis.

The Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County is partnering with the City of Sarasota to create a project as part of the City’s Pandemic Recovery Plan. Together we will commission multiple murals throughout the city to convey the circumstances of our times and create positive and healing energy within the community.