Alliance Exhibit Guidelines

WHAT: Juried art exhibits at the Alliance Gallery in the Center for Art & Humanity are for the exclusive benefit of our artist members. Exhibits are limited to 2-dimensional art that can be hung for display, thus works of sculpture cannot be accepted.

WHY: The purpose of the exhibits are to expose the work of our artist members to the community. There will be a reception hosted by the Alliance.

WHERE: Exhibits are displayed in the first floor lobby, the first floor conference rooms and the 3rd floor hallway. The building is open from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday if you wish to see the exhibit space. Click here for the exhibit space plans.


HOW: Exhibits will be offered through a juried review process and will be offered for a specific period. Any artist whose work is not chosen may reapply for the next jury review.


Exhibitors must be members of the Alliance. The artist membership fee is $50 per year.  To become a member, please click here*


Three qualified individuals active in the creative arts will be appointed by the Alliance to review artist applications.  The jury will only review examples of artwork.  No information about the artist will be provided.

Artists may reapply for the next review if their work is not chosen.  Same or new works may be submitted at the discretion of the artist.


Artists must provide to the Alliance a list of work hung in the exhibit including title and price, a release form, a bio and an “artist’s statement” (for publicity).

A meeting with the Alliance will be scheduled in August to review regulations for the exhibit including a tour of the facility, setting of hang/take-down dates and coordination of reception details.

Artists who are not in Sarasota in summer will arrange a meeting upon their return.

Number of pieces that can be hung depends on their size. Artists are responsible for the hanging and removal of exhibit during business hours (M-F.9-5).

All exhibits require the use of hangars provided by the Alliance. Artists should bring any necessary tools and a step ladder. No pre or post storage is available.

Tags should be placed next to each display with title, dimensions, price and contact info. Artists putty for attaching to wall is available at art supply stores or Michael’s. No sticky tape is allowed.

Artists must provide to the Alliance a list of work hung in the exhibit including title and price, a release form, a bio and a brief “artist’s statement” concerning the work (used for publicity).


You are encouraged to sell your work during the exhibit.  If you sell, it is your decision whether to release the art immediately or at the end of the exhibit. If work is released, please plan to insert another piece for the duration of the exhibit.

The Alliance will accept cash and/or checks for art sales and will notify the artist.  The Alliance does request a ten percent donation from the sales.


Artists are invited to provide written material about themselves and their work.  It may include brochures, business cards, etc. which will be available in the first floor lobby.

Artists are responsible along with the Alliance for promoting their exhibit. The Alliance will notify area media and social media and will publish the invitation and distribute to its members.


Artists will coordinate with the Alliance in preparation for the reception.  The date for the reception will be given to the artist along with the invitation to hang an exhibit.

Receptions dates are preset with the building schedulers.  The Alliance will host the reception providing light finger food and wine.  Details of the reception will be set during artist meeting and tour.


All details of the exhibit and reception will be agreed upon with the artist at the initial meeting and tour of the Center for Arts and Humanity.  Any questions concerning the application, exhibit or agreement should be directed to Betty Morris.