Culture Collective Testimonials

What members have to say …

“The Culture Collective is a great way for young professionals to experience a crucial part of our community – the arts! The performances, the behind-the-scenes tours and discussions, the networking – all of this is an effective and affordable way of learning about some of Sarasota’s finest artistic treasures.”

— Alyssa Holcomb

“Going into my first year with the Culture Collective, I didn’t know what to expect; I was pleasantly surprised. The program exposed me to venues and arts that I always meant to explore, but never ‘had the time’ to. It became a priority rather than a ‘someday’ thing for me. Each event was special and unique to me and the whole of the Culture Collective group.”

— Liz Sandburg

“Sarasota Culture Collective is the best deal in town! You get to experience the heart and soul of our city through our top rated arts performance groups and have a glimpse into the social culture around the arts. It is a fantastic way to learn what types of arts and culture you most connect with, while making and strengthening friendships along the way. I highly recommend the program to every young adult in Sarasota.”

— Jessica Patella

“The entirely unique and inspiring universe of the Sarasota Arts community was revealed to us through our chance encounter with the Culture Collective. We really felt like ‘insiders’ simply for being members… We are so grateful for our experience this year!”

— Andrew and Alexis Etter

“Culture Collective is a no-brainer for any young professional in Sarasota that enjoys the arts. Not only do you get to experience world-class performances and museums, but you get to experience them with a group for a discounted rate. The performances alone are well worth it, but you also get behind-the-scenes access, Q&A’s with the cast, and a cocktail hour to meet other participants.”

— Kyle and Lauren Deery

“As a former New Yorker and recent Sarasota transplant, I was itching for a way to get my culture fix in Sarasota. I know there’s no shortage of options, but when I found a way to combine the arts and networking it was a home run! I met so many interesting people, saw great performances, and was exposed to new things I’d never seen or even considered. I’m so grateful this organization exists and for the hospitality that the different organizations extended to the Culture Collective members.”

— Alison Stottlemyer

“The Culture Collective has been fantastic! After living in Sarasota for 10 years, it took the Culture Collective to get us involved in the arts community. And what a great community it is! There’s something for everyone. We’ve really appreciated having the experience of becoming familiar with all of the arts in Sarasota and the people that support them. It’s a great group – I can’t recommend it enough!”

— Rachel Herman and Brewster Dombkowsi

“The Sarasota Culture Collective is a truly unique, encouraging and inspiring opportunity for young couples to get a taste of the Sarasota art scene. Whether you are new to the arts community or a regular of the amazing shows that Sarasota has to offer, the Culture Collective provides a friendly platform for young people to further explore the wonderful performances that Sarasota has to offer. The experience has connected us with so many incredible people and we feel enriched and fortunate for the opportunity!”

— Hector and Kortnee Gonzalez.

“I joined the Culture Collective for the first time this year and found it to be an immensely rewarding experience for several reasons. I have always loved the performing arts and becoming a member of the Culture Collective allowed me to discover aspects of the arts that I had never before encountered. Through the Culture Collective, I was introduced to the hidden gems of Sarasota’s arts and culture world, exploring places, connecting with people, and enjoying performances that I would never have even known existed if not for them. I also connected with young professionals in the area who share my interests and I hope to form long-lasting business relationships with them as time goes on. If nothing else, I know of no other place you can go for the price of one or two performances and see over half a dozen performances in a variety of venues and styles, get exclusive access to special events, and meet amazing people all at once. The value of the Culture Collective to young professionals and arts lovers alike cannot be overstated.”

— Daniel Levesque

What the scheduled organizations have to say …

“We loved welcoming the Culture Collective to Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe (WBTT)! For many it was their first visit to WBTT. They really enjoyed the reception and meeting all of us, and they were quite surprised and delighted when after talking with them, Nate Jacobs—our Founder and Artistic Director—disappeared behind stage only to reappear as the sister, Marguerite, in our comedy Dearly Departed. We laughed together all night at this show and were still laughing as everyone talked with our cast members at the end of the show.”

— Julie Leach, Executive Director, WBTT

“Exposing the under 40 crowd to Sarasota’s rich and dynamic arts scene is an enduring goal for Asolo Rep. We share in the Culture Collective’s mission to make an evening at an artistic venue not only financially accessible but also a lot of fun. Each season through our involvement with Culture Collective, we have an exciting pre-show reception and performance filled with young attendees and many first-time Asolo Rep patrons. Best of all, we’ve discovered that once these new audience members experience Asolo Rep, they can’t wait to come back. The exposure has inspired them to become lifelong theatre enthusiasts.”

— Asolo Repertory Theatre

“Over the past several years, the Sarasota Culture Collective program has grown to become an essential part of the cultural fabric of our community. It is the best way for someone new to the arts to experience the very best our town has to offer in a welcoming environment at a comfortable price. We hear regularly from our longtime patrons how wonderful it is to see so many young people attending the opera and falling in love with the arts.”

— Sam Lowry, Sarasota Opera

“The Culture Collective brought many new attendees to Florida Studio Theatre this season! Our event was really well organized by the staff working on Culture Collective and we’re excited to see what next season brings. Many of the attendees had never been to our theatre and were raving about the performance of Million Dollar Quartet. It was a great experience and we hope to see new audience members attending each year through Culture Collective.”

— Audra Lange, Florida Studio Theatre