Principals’ Luncheon

The Principals’ Luncheon takes place annually to honor the Sarasota County School principals for their school’s achievements in arts education. This year’s luncheon is scheduled for November 7, 2018.

For more information, please contact Deb Lombard or (941) 365-5118 x301.

What is the Principals’ Luncheon?

The Arts Education Task Force, a standing committee of the Arts and Cultural Alliance, annually presents a Principals’ Luncheon each fall to recognize K-12 principals and administrators in the Sarasota County Schools.

The annual luncheon began in 2000 and has featured different venues in the arts community. It also showcases student performers and art from the Sarasota County Schools. Principals are honored for their schools’ achievements in arts education for the past year, including awards, performances, major projects and events, programs, and more. Each luncheon features an inspiring keynote speaker that speaks about arts education and its benefits to all students. All principals and school administrators in attendance receive a special gift in recognition of their achievements in supporting arts education.

The luncheon is made possible through the generous sponsorship support of philanthropist Gerri Aaron, and supportive local foundations.

The Arts Education Task Force is comprised of education professionals from over 30 Sarasota county arts and cultural groups and community representatives who plan advocacy strategy, share information, and monitor the health of the arts in our schools. The Alliance convenes the group monthly. The Arts Education Task Force was founded in 1988 and has been chaired since its inception by Nancy Roucher.