Become a Guide

Patriot Plaza Guides are dedicated and educated individuals who lead tours at Patriot Plaza to explain about Sarasota National Cemetery, Patriot Plaza, and the large public art installation.

Guides (Docents) will lead tours at the Patriot Plaza for school field trips, the public, and will be able to answer questions as needed at events and other times.

To be considered for the Program, individuals must:

  • Be capable of providing tours a minimum of 8 out of 12 months each year to diverse audiences, including students
  • Demonstrate solid public speaking skills
  • Be a Sarasota National Cemetery volunteer or willing to become one
  • Be flexible, dependable, highly motivated and a team player
  • Possess customer service skills and problem solving abilities
  • Have an active e-mail account (for communication and scheduling)
  • Be physically capable of leading tours and working events at the Plaza; stand and walk for extended periods of time outdoors

Once admitted to the Guide Program, candidates who complete the required training are required to:

  • Successfully engage visitors using conversation-based tour techniques
  • Serve a term of service that is at least two years
  • Provide a minimum of 10 tours per year
  • Sign a biannual commitment form confirming an understanding of and adherence to Guide Program guidelines and policies; participate in ongoing contract reviews and performance assessments as needed to ensure the highest quality of visitor experience
  • Abide by the policies set forth by the Sarasota National Cemetery and the Patriot Plaza Guide Program guidelines and policies

To be considered for the Patriot Plaza Guide Training Program, one must successfully complete the entire application and screening process.

The initial part of this process involves the submission of the following documents to the Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County for consideration:

  • Application Cover Sheet 
  • Current professional resume, curriculum vitae, or short paragraph summary of work/volunteer experience
  • Cover letter that clearly explains why one wishes to become a Guide at the Patriot Plaza and outlines the characteristics that make them qualified for this assignment

Materials submitted will be carefully reviewed, and those individuals who best meet the Guide Program criteria will receive notification and more detailed information regarding the next steps.

Training Schedule
Guide Candidates can expect to participate in at least 10 hours of training with the Arts and Cultural Alliance. Candidates should also plan to spend additional time in self-study, reading and homework outside of the regular training sessions. Guide Candidates will also be expected to attend General Meetings held for Guides during the year by the Arts and Cultural Alliance. Additional training sessions will be scheduled as needed.

Attendance is required at the training sessions. If you have a schedule conflict, contact us 941-365-5118, x301 or

Costs and Course Material Expenses
There is no fee to enroll in the Guide Training Program. Your support of the Patriot Plaza through your donation of time and talent is greatly appreciated!