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An amphitheater and plaza become an open air museum featuring large artworks about the military, family, American History, and one’s own place in the world.

Mission Statement
School tours of Patriot Plaza provide students with the opportunity to learn about Civics, American History, Visual Arts, and Language Arts through docent-led tours of the amphitheater and artworks featuring content aligned to the Florida Standards

Patriot Plaza features artworks that tell stories of service and sacrifice. The artworks include bronze sculptures of stately eagles, large mosaics, marble tablets, a global map etched in granite and documentary photographs from the Civil War to the present.

Student Tours

Grades 4-6: Stories of Honor and Dedication
A Language Arts study using Patriot Plaza art helps students learn the American values of honoring service, inspiring patriotism, and embracing freedom. The students will interpret vocabulary and engage in text complexity. Easy to implement activities encourage writing and critical thinking.

Grades 7-8: Stories of Patriotism and Inspiration
Engage students’ emotional, patriotic, and historical awareness with a focus on civics, veterans, and the patriotic holidays of Veterans Day and memorial Day. Study and discuss two documentary photographs from the Civil war. The tour addresses Social Studies, Visual Art, and language Arts standards.

Grades 9-12: Stories of History and Freedom
View art and analyze the 49 “Witness to Mission” photos that reflect the historical themes of the changing role of the USA in global conflicts, social institutions and movements, and cultural values. Learn about veterans and documentary photography from the Civil War to 2012. The tour addresses Social Studies, Visual Art, and Language Arts standards.

Teaching Artist Ellen Goldbert Tishman is available to provide a follow up artist residency with classes who visit Patriot Plaza and wish to learn how to create their own mosaic artworks that feature patriotism or any other theme.

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