Sarasota Deco – Sarasota Public Art

Rob Lorenson’s sculpture, Sarasota Deco, has graced the corner of Main Street and Central Avenue in downtown Sarasota, Florida since 2008. This stainless steel sculpture with water feature measures 16’ x 16’ x 5’ and is owned by the developer.

The artist states that, “The elements of my work exist in suspended animation. They are situated as though to freeze a moment in time in which they exist effortlessly in space. The work is constructed of sturdy, permanent materials that allow this to happen, but yet is in contradiction to the impermanent sense of the composition. The forms have boldness and exactness that are inspired by the martial arts where grace and precision are practiced until they are effortless.”

The placement of this sculpture at Five Points, the intersection of Main Street, Pineapple Ave, and Central Ave, also has historical significance. In 1885 the Florida Mortgage and Banking Company platted Sarasota from the center of Five Points.

John Vetri, regional manager for Five Points Sarasota Investors, and Ersa Grae, developer for The Plaza at Five Points provided a statement for the dedication of this piece, “Our gift to the city will be the new meeting place in the heart of downtown. The sculpture importantly underscores and reinforces Sarasota’s moniker as the art and culture destination of Florida’s Gold Coast.”

Since 1986, the City of Sarasota’s Community Redevelopment Plan requires, “Any property owner or developer who applies to the City for a Building Permit to construct or make improvements that exceed $250,000.00 in construction value… shall be required to make a public art contribution.” Depending on the value of the construction, the developer can chose to either make a contribution to the Public Art Fund or provide public art.