The City of Dunedin

Public Art Project
Purpose: The City of Dunedin seeks qualifications submittals from artists, or teams of artists,
qualified to complete an artwork project for the new Government Center. The City will select
three to five artists or artist teams (the “semi-finalists”) that will proceed to the Request for Proposal process (the “RFP”). The semi-finalists will be notified by 05/04/2020 by email.
Budget: Approximately $75,000.
Deadline for Submission: Received by Wednesday, April 15, 2020, 2pm EST
Eligibility: Open to qualified artists or artist teams who reside nationally, regionally or
Funding Partner: The funding partner is the City of Dunedin
The City of Dunedin’s mission is to create a Community Partnership between the City Government and its residents, Dedicated to Quality Service to effectively, efficiently and equitably enhance the Quality of Life in Dunedin. Dunedin will continue to be a livable Coastal community
with a unique sense of place within the Tampa Bay metro area. Dunedin will continue to maximize our future by fostering innovative redevelopment, increasing citizen satisfaction, and preserving and enhancing our natural environment while retaining our small-town ambiance.
Art Project Overview:
The City of Dunedin seeks a professional visual artist, or artist team, to create the City’s most
important public artwork to date and to evolve a sense of place making within the community. It
is important that the selected artist engages with the history and culture of Dunedin. The artwork
should equally embrace both aesthetics and content. (To this end, the artist will work with the
architecture team and public art subcommittee, along with other information relevant to the culture of Dunedin and desired oversight of the project.)
The semi-finalists will be selected to move on to the RFP stage where each semi-finalist will receive a $1,200 payment for their proposal. The selection committee will then select one artist or
one artist team (finalist) to move forward with this project.
Location: The firm of Harvard Jolly, Inc. of St. Petersburg, Florida was hired to provide architectural services for the design of the City’s new City Hall and parking garage. This building will
eventually replace three (3) facilities; Municipal Services, Technical Services and City Hall
which have exceeded useful life. The project site is City-owned property at 750 Milwaukee Avenue/737 Louden Avenue, referred to as the east parcel, and 500 Wood Street, referred to as
the west parcel. The City Commission chose, under Phase I, the east parcel for placement of
the new City Hall and the west parcel for the new parking garage. They also approved creation
of two (2) outparcels on the 500 Wood Street parcel. One outparcel is proposed for townhome
development to serve as a parking garage buffer to the residential neighborhood to the south.
The second outparcel, which will front Highland Avenue, is being reserved for retail development. Sale proceeds from the two outparcels will be used to help defray project costs.
The new City Hall is estimated to contain approximately 38,000 sq. ft. of programming space
and will be comprised of a two-story administrative wing and a single-story Commission Chamber. Frequently accessed public services will be obtained from a One-Stop Shop off of the main
lobby. The building will include solar power and a standby emergency generator, be water and
energy-efficient, constructed from renewable materials, and be consistent with the City’s EPIC!
Goal of environmental sustainability. The building will have an estimated lifespan of 75 – 100
years. The companion parking garage is anticipated to hold approximately 282 parking spaces
in addition to some 70 street-side spaces. The garage will have two elevated decks with a
common entrance and exit off of Louden Avenue, and will include public restrooms along Virginia Street near Highland Avenue. There are many unique features in the designated site from
which the artist may react to or be inspired.
An interior or exterior public art component will be featured in the design of either the administration building, the parking garage, or in both structures.