Tidewell Family Grief Center Ellenton Custom Donor Appreciation RFP

The Tidewell Foundation seeks to commission a local artist to create a custom thematic art piece(s) that offer a three dimensional approach to recognizing key donors for a Tidewell project in Ellenton. The piece(s) will be a key thematic element of the first of Tidewell’s Famiy Grief Centers.

The piece(s) will be affixed to a 20 foot long wall, that is 7 feet high and immediately visible upon entrance, made of metal studs, plywood and then drywall. The wall is affixed to the concrete floor at the bottom and is open on the top, making it have the apperance of a¾ wall and providing substantial reinforcement (See attached visual).

The thematic piece should reflect butterflies, which are used a symbol of the cathartic healing process and compassionate care proivded by hospice and a symbol of rebirth after death. Butterflies are known as a symbol of transformation, hope, life, and spirit.

Artists must incorporate into the art piece both Monarch and Blue Morpho butterflies with the opportunity for some elements of it to have donor names affixed, inscribed, painted, etc. somewhere as a piece of the actual thematic art.

A zoom call to discuss the project has been set for 1 pm on May 18, 2021. Interested artists are welcome to participate in the zoom call to review the project or ask questions. The link for the May 18 meeting via zoom is:

https://tidewell .zoom.us/j/96189879236?pwd=SkVRSENXOFFWa0NRVWhYTFpndjlNZz0.9

Deadline for questions via email to dmason@tidewellfoundation.org is May 21 and deadline for artists’ response to the RFP submissions is 5:00 pm on May 31, 2021.

The commissioned art needs to be installed no later than the week of August 2nd 2021.

For consideration the response to this RFP submission should include:

  1. Name, address, email, and phone numbers of the artists.
  2. Links to relevant social media, website, gallery or other promotional information about the artist and their work.
  3. A link to a drop box or other online repository of photos of similar work the artist has created.
  4. Conceptual drawing or other visual of the draft ideas for this project.
  5. No more than 2-page narrative description of the piece(s) proposed, including dimensions, weight, and materials to be used and method of affixing to the wall.
  6. Budget for the piece(s).
  7. Timeline for approval of concepts, mid-point check in, draft approval, final approval and installation dates proposed.

The submission should be packaged into one PDF or PowerPoint format that is submitted to Debbie Mason, President, Tidewell Foundation via email to dmason@tidewellfoundation.orgNo later than 5:00 PM on May 31, 2021