X Marks the Spot

The Arts and Cultural Alliance and the The Ringling were thrilled to bring the Chicago Children’s Theatre’s production of X Marks the Spot to Sarasota. This show was designed to incorporate all of the senses in order to provide a performance that is fully enjoyed by all.

The story centers around four siblings who are moving from the city of Chicago to the country. Throughout the performance, a narrator explains the sets and costumes and the performers interact with the audience to provide additional elements to feel, smell, and even taste!

Participants who were not sight impaired were encouraged to wear blindfolds in order to heighten their other senses and create empathy for those who are sight impaired.

Due to the popularity of the show with local schools and community members, extra performances were added and all 12 Sarasota performances were full with excited students and adults.

Thanks to the generous contributions of our sponsors: The Helming and Knies Family Foundation, the Community Foundation of Sarasota County, Leigh Perry, Audrey B. Robbins, Marilyn Sellman, Circus Arts Conservatory, Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe, Maximillion’s Cafe, and Pazzo’s, this performance was free for the students and the community.